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Boat Ramp Construction Update

Thus far, we have:boat-ramp-construction

  • Removed the old broken concrete ramp & buried debris.
  • Installed a retaining wall on the south (left) side of ramp.
  • Built a launch dock between ramp and retaining wall to make for much easier access.
  • Reopened the swale on the south (left) side of Harbor Street to fix drainage problems & prevent erosion of the new ramp.

That leaves us with the remaining tasks of:

  • Preparing existing ramp area (grading & building gravel base)
  • Installing the ArmorFlex concrete mats that will be used for the lower portion of the ramp (the part in the water).
  • Form and pour the concrete approach to the ramp (the upper part).

Click Here to download the 2016 Fall Flyer for more details.

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